Sapphire Blue 11' Balloons

Balloons are sold in packs of 12 uninflated balloons or as single balloons if helium filled.

There are 3 variants of finishes on the balloons: Plain, Pearl and Jewel.  The pearl balloons have a shiny pearl finish on them and the Jewel balloons are vibrant colours that are translucent.

All balloons are helium quality.  The Pearl & Jewel balloons are top quality Qualatex branded balloons.

Use a selection of balloons to set the scene at the party.  Balloons also make great take home treats - put one into the party bag or use them with a stick & cup - the kids just love them!

We have a helium service in store at our Takapuna branch. 

If you require it to last longer than the same day, you will need to select the Hi-Float option which is a gel used to make the latex balloons float for up to 5 days.

We have a large choice of balloon colours in store - both plain and printed.

PLEASE NOTE:  Helium Filled Balloons are only available for pick up from our store in Takapuna, Auckland.  We cannot courier the balloons filled. We use the top Qualatex brand when we helium fill the balloons.