Tips for Hosting a Successful Kids Party


Are you planning a party? It is a lot of fun but unfortunately it can also bring some stress.  Follow these simple tips and ensure your party day is lots of fun for your guests, for the birthday person and for you!  Your party will be remembered by everyone for all the right reasons.

Guest List

Make your guest list in advance and keep it real!  Make sure you have not left anyone off the list - but you cannot invite every person your child knows.  Keep track of who you have invited and whether they have rsvp'd.  If your child has a special friend it may be an idea to see if they can come on the day before finalizing everything as the day will not be the same without them.

Make a Plan 

Make a list of what party games and activities you are going to do, and then make a time schedule to ensure you keep them all busy for the whole party.


Make your guest list and then send out the invites two or three weeks prior to the party date, depending on the time of the year.  People need to plan their days so the earlier you can let them know the better.


When setting a date for your party think about what else is happening like if it is a public holiday weekend.  Think about what you want to serve your guests e.g. lunch or just afternoon or morning tea and make the timing in accordance with that.


    Choose a suitable venue for your party.  Home parties are always fun and you can control the timing of the party, the number of guests and the menu, but you have to do all the clean up! The other option is to have a look for local venues and choose one that suits. 


    Organise a few party games for your party depending on the age of the children.  Some ideas are Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical chairs, Statues, Treasure hunts, Pinatas or Arts & Crafts.


    Depending on the time of the day will depend on your menu.  Party food is really fun - cupcakes, pizza, fairy bread, sausage rolls, chippies, cheerios, cookies, fruit kebabs and so much more.  Use cookie cutters to make the food into interesting shapes, and decorate using food picks to create a party scene.


    Don't be shy of accepting offers of help.  Delegate anything that you can and ask a friend on the day to take photos using your camera, so you can enjoy the party, and still capture the important moments on camera.

    Opening Presents

    Sometimes it is a good idea to open all the presents at once so all the guests can see their present being opened.  Write on the back of the cards what the present is so you remember later.


    And most importantly HAVE FUN! 

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