Celebrating Easter

Easter is a great excuse to gather friends and family and have a celebration. Send the kids off for an Easter Egg Hunt using the fun Easter Egg Hunt Kits. Give them each a cute Easter bag to gather all their eggs that they find in.


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Easy Halloween Treat Ideas

Have some fun at Halloween and make some easy, fabulous, fun treats.

Make spiders out of Chubba Chup lollipops - all you need is pipe cleaners, wobbly eyes and a hot glue gun. Twist the pipe cleaners around the lollipop handle to make the legs and glue the eyes on. Hand these out at Halloween to all the Trick n Treaters you will be favourite house on the block!


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How To Make Perfect Cupcakes

Cupcakes are such a treat to have at parties.  You can make them simple or dress them up as much as you like with decorations and flag picks.  Choose your cupcake wrappers and start baking!

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Tips for Hosting a Successful Kids Party

Are you planning a party? It is a lot of fun but unfortunately it can also bring some stress.  Follow these simple tips and ensure your party day is lots of fun for your guests, for the birthday person and for you!  Your party will be remembered by everyone for all the right reasons.

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